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Revolutionize the Way Your Business Communicates

Imagine your office without the coffee machine, artwork on the walls, or air conditioning. Now imagine it without a working phone system!

We are experts in supplying integrated voice, fax, video conferencing, and mobility services- across multiple locations and remote offices.

As your one-stop shop for smooth and cost-effective communication, Kinetech will take care of your communications needs, so you and your employees can focus on your business.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Kinetech provides a complete Business Telephone System and service for a fixed monthly cost- eliminating the overhead and cost associated with equipment ownership.

A Complete Business Telephone Solution
  • All-Inclusive of equipment, local/long distance calling, install, training, and porting
  • Fully Managed- includes maintenance, support, configuration changes, and updates
  • Professional Installation and Support- None of your staff is needed to manage
Reduces Business Expenses
  • Zero Up-Front Cost, as well as Purchase and Lease Options
  • First 2 Months of Service are Free
  • Trade-In Rebate for Existing Telephone Equipment
The Last Telephone System You Will Need
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty, overnight replacement, 30 day money back
  • Guaranteed, with a Written 99.999% SLA
  • Investment Protection- included feature updates eliminates obsolescence
Business Continuity, Quality and Reliability
  • Around the Clock Monitoring with Email Alerts
  • End-to-End Quality of Service
  • 9 Redundant U.S. Data Centers
  • Automatic Call and Circuit Failover
  • 100% Uptime since 2011 to over 900,000 users
Gold-Standard Customer Support
  • Telephone Systems are Our Only Focus, With over 30 Years Experience
  • We are a Local Company, with a Dedicated Installation and Support Team
  • Next Day Parts Replacement, with Available Onsite Spare Equipment
  • Strong Reputation, with a 99% customer retention rate
  • Numerous Local Customer Reference Sites
Since switching to Kinetech’s Managed Service, our company has benefited from cost effective reliable business phone connectivity, excellent call quality, and easy access to productivity-enhancing features. Mental Health Services Provider

Kinetech Strengths

We appreciate Kinetech’s features that mimic the functions of traditional telephone systems. Law and Legal Services Firm

We didn’t have to purchase a phone system and worry about replacing it in a few years. Instead, Kinetech manages the service and equipment. Financial Services Company
Products and Solutions
Business Benefits
Kinetech's Strengths
Products and Solutions
As your one-stop shop for smooth and cost-effective communication, we'll take care of your technical and communications needs so you and your employees can focus on your customers. We've partnered with Star2Star to provide high-quality voice and communications services to our customers. Here's a few of our offerings:
Telephone Systems/Unified Communications: Kinetech's solutions are feature-rich including personal voice and fax messaging, audio and web conferencing, and find-me/follow-me call routing. and seamlessly integrate single and multiple sites, mobile workers, and If you're paying too much for unreliable phone service, give us a call.

Electronic Fax: Our Electronic Desktop Fax solutions make it easy to send and receive faxes, letting you spend more time on your business and less time pushing buttons on the fax machine. Enjoy the flexibility of receiving your important faxes to your email- wherever you are, without being tied to the fax machine.

Audio and Video Conferencing: If your business requires conducting routine remote presentations and team meetings, we may be able to help. Our remote conference-related service offering supports up to 150 participants for audio conferences and 12 for video conferences.

Internet/Failover: Our partner relationships with business broadband providers can help you consolidate your bills for phone service together with your Cable/Fiber/DSL connection. And with our broadband service monitoring you will be notified if the service experiences issues.

HIPAA Compliance: Is your business in the healthcare field?. As a HIPAA Business Associate, we can help make sure that you, and your clients, are protected We have partnered with HIPAA Secure Now!, a leading provider in HIPAA compliance services for small and mid-size practices, to assist us in providing HIPAA compliance services to organizations and practices that need help.

IT Infrastructure/Professional Services: If your technical infrastructure is broken or outdated, we can help. We'll sit down with you, and develop a plan specifically tailored for your business's needs Kinetech also has an expertise in several other professional service areas such as Telecom Analysis and Consulting, Business Continuity Planning, IT Infrastructure, and Digital Signage.

Paging/Intercom: Two way communications, and building entry/ access control during and after hours, within and across buildings and campus environments, has become extremely important for safety and security. We can provide solutions to meet the needs of schools and business.

Emergency/Notification: Emergency responders need to rapidly locate the origin of a 911 call when arriving at a a business or school address. Site personnel also need to be notified so they can meet the emergency responders. Employees, parents, etc. need to be notified of upcoming or important events.

Contact Center: We provide a complete, full-featured contact center that enables companies to handle every incoming call with precision and professionalism. Agent groups can span multiple locations, so the incoming call load can be distributed across several offices and/or time zones.

Business Benefits
Unified Communications Joins Your Locations Together

Kinetech’s technology seamlessly connects headquarters, branch, remote, and home offices and provides one number access. Our Mobility solutions enable your customers and staff to stay in touch, using their iPhone, iPad, or Android Device, any time of day, wherever they are.

Your Telephone is Your Most Important Communications Tool. Our software-driven solution provides quality and reliability your business demands, while your investment is protected against obsolescence.

Enhance Customer Communications
  • Find-Me/Follow-Me Call Routing
  • Electronic Send/Receive Fax
  • Video and Audio Conferencing
Communicate from Anywhere
  • Seamlessly Connects Multiple Locations
  • Remote and Home Offices
  • Smartphone Integration
Reliable, High Quality Communications
  • 24X7 Monitoring and Testing
  • Built In Business Continuity
  • Automatic Call Failover
Simple System Management
  • Adds and Changes Part of Service
  • Included Maintenance
  • One Provider, One Number to Call
Communications Mobility
Kinetech's Strengths
Your telephone remains your business's single most important communication tool. It is important to select a service provider who cares about your business- that's what sets Kinetech apart. Supporting our customers is our first and last thought every day. We pride ourselves in the experience and expertise we bring to your business. If your business is currently spending too much on telephone service, or wasting valuable time and resources on repairs and downtime, we can help.
Fully Managed Service: Our fully managed service significantly reduces overall costs, improves communications, enhances employee productivity, ensures first class quality, and provides high reliability and business continuity- without the cost, management overhead, and obsolescence associated with equipment ownership.

Service Quality: Our voice service is designed from the ground up to deliver high quality service and continuous availability. It allows you to focus on running your business-and not on running your phone system.

Business Continuity: Centralized 24X7 monitoring and highly automated troubleshooting allow Kinetech to deliver the quality of service needed by today's discerning business customer. In the event of a power or internet outage calls are automatically re-routed to an alternate location.

Gold Standard Support: That's where we excel- We pride ourselves in the experience and expertise we bring to the table. Supporting our customers is our first and last thought every day for our U.S. based local service and support team.

Superior Architecture: Kinetech’s Hybrid Solution provides the business owner with a system that delivers a Managed Voice Service with the simplicity of a hosted solution and the quality you expect from a sophisticated in-house phone system- the best of both worlds.

Multi-Location and Remote Workforce: Our technology seamlessly connects headquarters, branch, and remote offices with one number access, advanced call routing and find me-follow me. Use an iPhone, iPad, or Android Device with our Mobility Service Application to make and receive calls- wherever you are.

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We are specialists in the latest communications technologies including Office Business Telephone Systems, Unified Communications, Hosted Cloud Communications, Voice Over IP (VOIP), Video Conferencing, IP Call Recording, IT Infrastructure, Professional On-Hold Announcements, Structured Wiring and Cabling, Business Broadband Solutions, Business Continuity, Communications Consulting, and Project Management.

And, as a HIPAA compliant Business Associate, we provide fully compliant phone systems and contact centers that meet the security and privacy needs of every organization.